Food Vendor Rules and Requirements

Food Vendor Rules and Requirements:

1. Each food business must fill out all required forms posted on the website and submit them to the AAAB. If your business is not located in Boston, you must also submit a copy of your business's food license. We recommend each vendor to prepare two or three dishes to represent their business.

2. From 7:00am, food vendors can begin unloading their equipment and/or supplies. There will be volunteers to assist in handling equipment as well as to help businesses move items to their designated booths. All vehicles must follow field staff command; vehicles must unload and go. We recommend vendor vehicles park in the Boston Common Garage (0 Charles St, Boston, MA 02116)

3. All food must be sold under the tent, but no cooking is allowed under the tent. We recommend you do any and all cooking behind the tent.

4. Power will be provided for each booth but vendors will be responsible for bringing their own propane, with a limit of one propane tank that is under 30 pounds. Use of charcoal is strictly prohibited.

5. The site will not provide water or sewage; each food business should use disposable plates and plastic utensils.

6. All food vendors have the responsibility of keeping their area clean. No forms of waste water, grease, ice, other liquids, etc. are to be dumped on the Boston Common grounds, both grass and street. A waste water tank will be provided for any waste water booths have. Each booth will be inspected for cleanliness at the end of the day by park officials. Any booth found guilty of disposing waste onto park grounds will face penalties, including fines and cleaning bills.

7. At 3:45 pm, food businesses should stop selling and prepare for the end of the day. Exiting park grounds should happen in an orderly fashion and vendors and their vehicles should follow organizing committee orders. Vendors are allowed to load their equipment and supplies onto their vehicles beginning at 4:00pm. There will also be volunteers to help vendors load their belongings. Please be sure to check your booth and the surrounding area for any waste or trash before leaving the park.

8. Cancellation Policy: The registration fee is non-refundable after a booth application form has been fully processed and approved. The fee is also non-refundable in case of cancellations due to inclement weather. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

How to Apply

Option #1: Fill out the following form to apply.

Option #2: Download the Food Vendor form, fill out, scan and email to:

Each food business must fill out the additional forms from Boston Inspectional Services Department and Boston Fire Department and submit to AAAB. If your business is not located in Boston, you must also submit a copy of your business's food license.


Please make the check payable to "AAAB" and mail to:

130 Lincoln Street, Boston, MA 02111
Boston, MA 01801

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