The First Asian American Day in the Nation

Xinming Li
Boston, Sept. 7, 2016, — In just a couple days, the Sixth Asian American Day Festival will be held in Boston Common on Sept. 10. Boston City Council has issued an official resolution signed by Council President Michelle Wu declaring Sept. 10, 2016 the Asian American Day in Boston. This is the first such proclamation by a major US city to recognize the significant contributions by Asian Americans in all aspects of our society.
This day long event will start with the opening ceremony around 10 AM, and feature performances by more than 20 art groups. There will be 30 food venders and 80 cultural and business booths in the Northwest part of Boston Common. The main stage will be near Charles Street the separates Boston Common and Boston Public Garden.
Organizers of the Sixth Asian American Day Festival visited Boston City Hall to have a meeting with city officials.
“We have worked very hard to put this event together over the past six months. The event is free and open to public. Please stop by Boston Common on Sept. 10 with your family and friend to enjoy music, dance and food from many different cultures,” said David Bai, executive board member of Asian American Association of Boston.


6th Annual AAday
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